Seaduced Cape Cod Fishing Reports

Capt. Robbie's fishing Report

    Over all this was a really good year here on Cape Cod for fishing. The spring started with an abundance of tasty black sea bass. Heidi loves fishing for these and they are one of the few fish I enjoy eating so we like to load up when we get out and stock the freezer.


    The stripers showed up mid May but refused to fall into a pattern as usual. The bait was scattered and the fish did the for a tide or two and then gone. By Memorial Day the bigger fish showed up in numbers and Great Island was hot one day and cold the next. The same for my other spring spots. Then I heard rumors of lots of fish off the great backside.


    My first trip there I cruised all the way to Nauset Inlet and it was worth the long ride. Big stripers chasing sand eels, small herring, krill and small shrimp. What a sight...thousands of birds of all types...gulls, gannets, shearwaters and terns....all wheeling over massive schools of stripers busting and cruising on the surface in 25 to 80 feet of water. The two guys and one of their fathers who had hired me to ďshow them the ropesĒ had quite a day with 40 plus stripers to 30 lbs.


    While the rips off the end of Monomoy were good for about 10 days when the squid were coming through the end of June it became evident the best fishing was off Chatham in 40 to 80 feet of water. It was spectacular to say the least with bass, blues and bluefin tuna all in the mix. Many days we would see tuna busting all over as we got out to the deep. They where hard to catch but fun to try for with heavy spinning gear and popping plugs. Then NOAA decided to change the rules and we couldnít keep fish between 59 and 73 inches which is exactly where 95% of these fish fell. As these fish were played to exhaustion on the heavy spinning gear many of us stopped fishing for them. That isnít to say that occasionally youíld hook up on one with the bass gear. About ten seconds is all it takes for one of these ďsmallĒ bluefins to empty the 15# test off of the reels and it would part. Fun while it lasts but your chance of landing one on bass gear is pretty much impossible.


    By fishing out off Chatham all summer the extra show you got was the whales. I must have seen 40 breeches this year! Almost daily we got some sort of a whale show from swimming by to jumping on the horizon. This was an added bonus for all. Many times my party would request to stop fishing and get closer to the whales to watch. A safe distance is a prudent idea when in a small boat, remember these animals are as big as the dinosaurs and weigh 20 to 35 TONS.


   Labor Day came all too soon and the fish gods decided to hit the wind switch. The days we could get out were very few. I did fish Cape Cod Bay when the wind was from the south and had some good days and some that werenít so good. When we could get out off of Chatham the tuna were still around in numbers and chasing them was fun. My last trip was the middle of October and the bass, blues and tuna were still around.


   After that last trip it was time to go hunting. To make a long story short I missed a buck in Maine and got a 7 pt. during the shotgun season on the Cape. I finished out the season with my muzzleloader and chased a big buck I only saw once and never got a shot.


    Iím already booking trips for the next season and looking forward to getting back on the water. Squid and black seabass will be first at the beginning of May and then the stripers should show up. Heidi and I are once again going salmon fishing on Lake Ontario with Capt. C.J. Crisp the first of May for two days. This will be our third year with C.J. and we canít wait. We always have a great time and catch some incredible fish. He is truly a master at trolling for salmon and trout from his boat the Rally Killer. If you ever want to try this fishery he is a great guy to fish with. He comes to the Cape the middle of June to fish for stripers with me. Last year he caught one on his fly rod and saw his first whales. They donít have them in the Great Lakes!


   Looking forward to seeing all my old customers and meeting some new ones again this year. Remember to take a kid fishing this year.


Tight Lines,
Capt. Robbie

Capt. Robbie's fishing predictions

Hello, here we are looking forward to another season of fishing fun. Hopefully youíll be able to join me for a day of light tackle fishing. Iíve bought some new gear and canít wait to get the skunk off of it. New this year Iíll be chasing early season squid, black sea bass and scup/porgies. Three anglers, for 4 to 5 hrs., or until you reach your limit for only $350.00. Heidi, my better half, got me back into these species last spring and we had a ball. Especially good for your kids or wife as its easy fishing and usually fast action. Last year the black sea bass were in abundance with some real whoppers thrown in. Everyone I know is looking toward to another great year for this tasty bottom feeder.

   The stripers and blues should be around in good to great numbers by the end of May. Iím getting a lot of calls for the month of June and the first two weeks of July during prime time for these hard fighting fish. If youíre interested in stripers on the fly I highly recommend this time frame as the fish are usually near the surface feeding on squid and sand eels. For those who donít know, surface plugs work really well at this time of year and a 20lb. bass smashing a plug on the surface is really exciting.  

   Last fall was good fishing for tuna and I spent a few days chasing small blue fins with friends and got the fever. Some new gear able to handle these fish has been readied and Iím looking forward to chasing these fast tuna with my clients. I know my friends Eric and his son Frank, 9 yrs. old, got a taste of this exciting fishery last summer in August when we saw some school size fish smashing bait on the surface and chased them for a while before going on to catch stripers. At the end of the day Eric was ready to sign up for a tuna trip. I believe Iíll be indulging them this year on their vacation in August and hope I can hook Frank to a 100 pounder. Weíll be plugging and deep jigging for them in Cape Cod Bay or off Chatham. This is a sight fishing game thatís lots of fun.

   Iíve done the show at the Hamburg, Pa. Cabelaís store in March and Iím doing a seminar for the Buzzardís Bay Anglers Club on April 8.

   I hope to see you this yearÖ..till then, Tight Lines, Capt. Robbie

 Seaduced Cape Cod Fishing Reports

The charter fishing season started off slow with almost no squid in Nantucket Sound. Schoolie stripers started arriving and feeding in the rivers at the end of April and were in full swing by the middle of May despite the cold weather. By Memorial Day the bigger striped bass and bluefish had moved in and their numbers grew steadily. My spring spots in Nantucket Sound were slower than usual because of the cold weather, but we did catch fish up to 25 lbs., mostly on surface lures. Days with 20 plus fish were not common but we did have a few.

Cape Cod Bay proved to be more productive during the middle of June with most of the fish falling to RonZ lures on leadhead jigs. The end of June brought the stripers to Handkerchief Shoal off the end of Monomoy Island. We had our usually great fishing till the middle of July. During this time we landed many stripers over 20 lbs. with our biggest being 33lbs. This is some of the best fishing of my year and most of the fish fall to surface plugs. If your goal is to catch stripers on fly fishing gear, this time of year will be your best opportunity.

After the middle of July the fishing slowed down till the bigger tides of the third week when squid moved back into the rips for a few days. Bluefish started to show in greater numbers around this time and provided some fast action at times and proving elusive at others. The fishing during August was spotty at best with good action one day and a complete absence of fish the next. I had a few good days but over all it was not as good as usual.

September brought falling water temps and some better action on the water. Cape Cod Bay began to pick up and I got on a really good bite on Scorton Ledge. My usual casting with light spinning gear was replaced with trolling with tube and worm rigs on 18 lb. test lead core on medium casting rods. Leaving from Barnstable Harbor or Sesuit Harbor we often ran into large schools of feeding bluefish up to 14 lbs. with a few stripers mixed in. These were great sport on 12 and 15lb. test and mostly caught on avis jigs dropped to the bottom and retrieved upward. The middle to the end of September also saw some spotty action at the end of Monomoy for the always elusive false albacore. There were days of fast action followed by days of frustration, a solid pattern never did establish itself for these speedsters.

In October action slowed and we had lots of wind. But I kept wishing I could go out one more time. I made my last trip on October 24 and was the only trip of the year that we got skunked. I saw no bait or fish but have heard of lots of big stripers way offshore out of reach. A video has been playing showing approximately 3 miles of dead stripers thrown overboard as bycatch by a dragger. This makes me sick and in talking to a fisheries manager was told there is little if anything they can do!! I couldnít believe what I was told!! These fish should be counted towards the commercial quota or the offending boats fined for fishing over stripers. These were commercial draggers fishing for herring and I feel they know the stripers are there and do this every year. This year they were caught on video by  tuna fisherman on their way in. I certainly hope this can be stopped as I sure it impacts our inshore fishing next year by removing so many large fish. See the video on the Stripers Forever site.

The fishing season is over for another year and itís time to think of other thingsÖ.such as hunting. Itís off to Maine for two weeks the 4th of November and then some deer hunting on the Cape till the end of the year. Maybe weíll get some ice this year or Iíll have to wet a line in the fresh for trout and salmon till the stripers and blues show up again next spring. Look for me at the Cabelaís in Hamburg Pa. for their captainís weekend in March and the great Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association show the first of April in Providence.   

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